Neliswa Mntungwa

K2N Holdings Pty Ltd

What does your company do?

I run a township style influenced restaurant that specializes in the kota sandwich. We also do events, catering and offer masteclasses. Part of our social integration was to introduce market gardens. Since we are a small enterprise, the market gardens are to facilitate the store with fresh produce but also make a avaliable to the local community, a platform to learn about starting small gardens at home to produce food for their families, not only that, but introduce them to the skill of resourcefulness to be able to convert what they grow into business as well for sustainable lives. We saw this as a very cost effective way to introduce some skills development and entice business management to some of the locals within Imbali.

What is your biggest success?

We were awarded the UKZN Social Entrepreneurship Awards supported by the EDTEA. We also were able to grow our business turnover by 82% over the past 3 months without interruptions.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Raising capital and finding the right human Resources. We've also struggled with the handling of volumes without the capacity to do so.