Neo Maroga

Neo Maroga Attorneys Incorporated

What does your company do?

a Legal firm based in the rural areas of Sekhukhune Limpopo Province, established with the core aim of bridging the gap and making Legal services accessible to all segment of our country. committed to ensuring that we empower communities that are less privileged and from disadvantaged backgrounds, overcome their legal barriers and achieve their full potential by promoting access to justice which is fair, efficient and easily accessible. Currently, furthering her expertise by pursuing

What is your biggest success?

Being afforded the opportunity to share the importance of the legal rights with to property under customary law with over 200 women. The Constitution and the guarantees of women's equality and rights to property as well as women's rights to inherit property under the customary laws of succession. Many women in South Africa are subject to customary law, but often not aware of or do not understand the laws and their rights as developed by the Constitution. It is very important that women specially in rural areas, where access to justice is limited are able to learn about their property rights under customary law. As the founder and Director of a Legal firm with a branch in the rural areas of Sekhukhune, Limpopo Province. Women empowerment is so close to my heart. It is one of the reasons why I had the burning desire to open a branch in the rural areas of Sekhukhune. As I grew up in a rural area myself, I am committed to ensuring that I empower women from communities that are less privileged, overcome their legal barriers and achieve their full potential by promoting access to justice.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Being able to reach all women despite where they are situated. Lack of technology to the disadvantaged communities in rural areas. Even when I want to host a workshop. Some didn’t get the messages on time