Ngwanashilane Tshegofatso Monicca Lesufi

Monique Elegance Apparel

What does your company do?

Monique Elegance Apparel is a fashion designing company we custom design garment's from scratch including even those are unable to find the right size at some retail stores or maybe if they prefer to only wear garments that have been designed by us and we also design for special occasions ... So we design from *Traditional attire *Modern/traditional wedding gowns *Men/women suits *Evening garment's(gala dinner/matric dance etc) *Matric sweaters including a full set tracksuits *Company uniforms * Children garment's *Birthday garment's

What is your biggest success?

Monique Elegance Apparel biggest success we received an award from the Hollywood bambelela foundation Limpopo in the top 17 prize giving this year on the 18th January 2024. So by receiving the award they helped the company to receive equipments that we were unable to get them so that we can grow our business including stocks. The other success was that NYDA the same year where able to add more equipment in my business I got funded on the 25th March 2024 they saw the passion, love and hard work in my company also the need to see that I would want to create more employment for young people. Other successful events is that we never disappoint our clients we treat them all like family that's why we deliver on time we never delay the orders we always make sure that we put a smile on our clients that's why the more we make them happy the more they recommend us to other people eventually we end up with huge orders that we also deliver on time. Lastly is that as Monique Elegance Apparel we also help the community by creating employment and by teaching sewing those who wants to be in the industry of fashion designing but they are from unprivileged homes.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle is getting more clients because the business/company is not operating in the busy environment like CBD so that even when we are able to display our work people who pass by will be able to see the garment's we have designed. The other hurdle is when we have clients from another province and some of the clients expect us to be the one to take their measurements personal so our challenge will be that we don't have a company transportation we will rely on the public transport especially also when we go and stock fabrics sometimes it could delay work due to waiting for the public transportation to be full so we could get to our studio and work. Cash flow normally we would have more clients on a certain season in other season it will be slow and sometimes it affects our cash flow or maybe production that's why we always try to find other means of marketing so that the company won't close we try so hard to push that so that we can achieve or reach our goal.