Nicky Ramsay

Invision HR

What does your company do?

What do we wake up for in the morning?-> To make an impact wherever we go and do our best to leave a lasting influence on every human being we come across!The black and white answer?-> Invision HR focuses on People, Businesses, and The Future.We are a Human Capital consultancy, with a twist.Our bread and butter / main source of impact is implementing HR frameworks within SME's who are scaling and who need a People Function within their business.a) An HR framework is a Human Resources structure that takes care of all elements within an employee life-cycle from attraction to retention to off-boarding, and everything in-between (recruitment, onboarding, performance, training, wellness, engagement, culture, you name it).b) The twist comes in where we apply behavioural psychology principles to the strategies we implement within each business.c) Being a registered Industrial and Organisational Psychologist, my passion is psychology in the workplace - understanding human behaviour and applying organisational psychology principles to better position how businesses function.d) Our ultimate goal is to understand what a business wants to achieve, and structure the People components so that an organizations most valuable assets (it's people), are in their sweet spot for maximum impact and contribution to the business' mission.Helping business owners to build the above is what truly makes their organization scale sustainably and grow into an Employer of Choice and ultimately, a business making an impact in South Africa's economy.

What is your biggest success?

Honestly, my biggest success in this journey (and still a work in progress) has been the growth in my mindset - overcoming the limitations I had unknowingly set for myself. The perceptions/mental models I had about my abilities, my worth, my impact was so incredibly limiting. It took tons of hard work, uncomfortable discussions, hard realisations (and some tears) to really challenge my thoughts about my value and how I truly wanted to make an impact on others. The small wins I experienced within my business, and the milestones I reached were really wonderful catalysts for opening my eyes to what was actually in the mirror. My growing support system has been one key element to helping me recognise those wins and re-build my ideas about my capabilities.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Phew! Where to begin!? Building a business is not for everyone. To date, my biggest hurdle (perhaps some recency bias here) has been adjusting my management and leadership style to my growing team while refining our systems for scalability. Being in the profession of People - I am 'supposed' to know exactly what to do, how to do it, and how to get the most out of people, right? Wrong! I may have studied human behaviour but it by no means makes me a master - I'm learning everyday. I have had to really exercise my growing management style, incorporate more systems in the business for operational efficiencies and still try to inspire and lead the team at the same time. It is currently my biggest hurdle.