Nina Hanedoes

Anew Leasing Services

What does your company do?

Parenthood is a beautiful journey, but it comes with its challenges. From the soaring costs of raising a child to the constant need for new products as they grow. Time-consuming searches for reliable and safe products, coupled with the environmental impact of constant consumption, add to the burden. At Anew, we understand these pain points and are committed to providing a solution: a circular baby product rental platform. Our solution is simple yet powerful. We offer a flexible and sustainable rental service for premium baby and child products. By renting parents can access a wide range of safe, high-quality products tailored to their child's specific needs, without the financial burden. Our carefully curated selection ensures parents always have the latest and best products, while our optional cleaning and babyproofing services provide added convenience and peace of mind. With Anew Leasing Services, parents can embrace parenthood without compromise, financial strain and environmental guilt.

What is your biggest success?

One of the biggest successes internally has been working towards and realising our sustainability promise. We are committed to reducing waste and minimising our carbon footprint by providing high-quality, premium baby products that can be rented and reused, rather than being discarded after a short period of use.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Creating "buy-in" for our sustainability promise. Strolling through (online) baby shops is part of South African culture, because after all you only want the best for your child. 'A mattress, cot or bath must be new.' Strange, because in a five-star hotel no one ever complains that the bed has already been slept in or the shower been used. Educating parents on the benefits of renting over buying requires a lot of effort, time and creativity.