Nkateko Mlambo

Hostpreneur Consulting

What does your company do?

Hostpreneur Consulting is a boutique consulting and management firm specializing in Short Term Rental investing through Airbnb, dedicated to developing sound solutions for new and existing investors who are entering the Short-Term Rental space by taking them through the various stages of creating a profile on the platform, researching the areas of interest to establish if the Airbnb will be profitable, provide interior design and space set up recommendations. We are dedicated to providing integrated solutions for beginner and seasoned investors who are already portfolios, who are looking for cost effective ways to start their journey, manage their portfolios and add more properties to grow the business

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success was acquiring 5 properties in one month, that helped me to scale my business and increased my revenue. Seeing the clients and students that I have coached and mentored launch their successful listings and making profits, creating permanent jobs for 6 individuals who are an integral part of my business. Building systems and a team that has helped me manage properties remotely between Gauteng and the Western Cape.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The biggest hurdle is access to funding to acquire more properties, finding business collaborators/partners who have integrity and have a passion and the right mindset to venture into a business with. The ongoing load shedding and water shedding in South Africa.