NNDIVHUWENI patricia seaba


What does your company do?

Tc woman in action is a vegetable production farm. we plant different vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, peppers and spinach etc. we are a hydroponic farm where we farm using coco peat or coir.

What is your biggest success?

my biggest success is using advanced technology in the farm this makes it very easy to use and also optimize crop yield and reduce resources such as diesel, tractor and many more, and this mitigate environmental impact. this success led to efficiency and sustainability in agriculture. becoming one of the winners of food lovers was also our biggest success because this shows that what we are doing is right and we stick to quality produce..

What has been your biggest hurdle?

my biggest hurdle is climate change and its impacts on the crops we plant, lots of heavy rains, high temperatures, severe winds and cold fronts that happens when is not winter the really impact our production because we don't harvest all our produce. access to market is also the biggest hurdle because of certain things that you must have and when you have them you get meedle mens/ladies that want to eat your money. adn access to funding both grant and loan.