Nobuhle Ncala

Thathilizwe Tiles and Projects


What does your company do?

Supply and install Tiles, Ceiling, Pavement, Gamazine, Granite, Closets, TV stands, closets and Kitchen units. We basically do house renovations.

What is your biggest success?

- Organization - We are very well organized and tasks are completed efficiently and stay on top of .. - Building a strong team - I built my own team. - Focusing on customers - I prioritize my customers by attending to them as quick as possible when requested to do so. - Ensuring customer satisfaction - I have place terms and conditions to avoid any confusion. - Keeping detailed records - This is the familiarize myself with the financial status of the business. - Implementing marketing strategies

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Employee benefits A client not paying their invoice - I experience that a lot. Funding I sometimes outsource some of my work but have a bit of a challenge in a sense that we end up not agreeing om payments terms for the client. Cashflow Failing to plan