Nokuthula Magwaza

Bloom Marketing

What does your company do?

Our digital marketing agency empowers personal, business, and consumer brands to unlock their growth potential and achieve success by harnessing the boundless power of digital and traditional marketing channels. We provide comprehensive, turnkey marketing solutions and strategies focused on brand-building, positioning, and connections through memorable and impactful stories, content, and activations. Our process begins with thorough brand audits to assess the current digital landscape and evaluate the effectiveness of brand image and communication. This helps our clients attract customers through a strategic journey from awareness and interest to conversion and sales. Specializing in a purpose-driven niche, we are dedicated to nurturing growth and accelerating business success for small businesses, particularly those founded by women and youth. Through our coaching and capacity-building platform, Bloom Inside Out, we offer our marketing and business expertise to startups and small enterprises. This initiative enables us to provide valuable services to businesses that might otherwise be unable to afford traditional marketing agency fees, supported by Enterprise Development funding.

What is your biggest success?

Our greatest success has been securing and executing a multi-million Enterprise Development account with RCL Foods and Siqalo Foods. This supports nearly 100 small businesses in the hospitality industry, empowering them to enhance their digital presence, utilize social media effectively, and receive essential Back of House training and financial stimulus. Following a business review, we offer marketing strategies and recommendations on how best to utilise their financial assistance to address business challenges, fostering growth and sustainability. Running for almost four years since the onset of the Covid pandemic, this impactful program showcases our collective marketing and business coaching expertise, driving small business growth, reducing unemployment, and bolstering the South African economy. As we look ahead, we are excited to scale this specialized purpose-led service by leveraging Corporate Skills Development funding, with the aim of transforming more small businesses into medium enterprises.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest challenge has been scaling our business services to support more brands across South Africa. This expansion requires the implementation of automated business systems and the upskilling of our team into management and leadership roles. Additionally, attracting senior talent is crucial for driving growth and maintaining service excellence. However, securing the necessary capital expenditure (capex) and operational expenditure (opex) funding for this scaling process presents a significant hurdle. Overcoming this financial challenge is essential to enhance our capacity, extend our reach, and continue delivering impactful support to small businesses nationwide. Addressing these funding needs will enable us to unlock our full potential and contribute more effectively to the South African economy.