Nolizwe Faith Sotondoshe

Nande's Kitchen

What does your company do?

Nande's Kitchen, a community-driven caterer in Langa Township, that puts hearts in every serving prepared by a young passionate team, offers diverse, healthy meals at reasonable prices. The company blends global flavours with local ingredients, and donates 10% of profits to Hearty Bowls Soup Kitchen, providing meals and humanitarian aid. Nande's Kitchen also hosts food drives and collaborates with local organisations to distribute meals. We have established a relationship with community gardens, growing fresh produce to empower the community and improve food security. They hold cooking workshops and nutrition education programs to teach culinary skills and promote a sustainable approach. To improve operations, Nande's Kitchen could consider an online ordering system, conduct regular customer surveys, and invest in staff training. They prioritize empowerment and community development, using resources to uplift youth and collaborate with community organizations. Nande's Kitchen is involved in various social projects, such as facilitating training in community soup kitchens and sports.

What is your biggest success?

Our success is being able to assist unemployed youth in transforming their lives through skills-sharing and community projects. They became entrepreneurs, passed Matric, and provided transport services. This inspired other unemployed youth to take control of their futures. We expanded our programs, offering workshops on entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and personal development, aiming for positive change.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest problem has been locating a mobile food truck or a permanent facility for our daily operations. While establishing a permanent site could offer security, having a food truck gives you more freedom to serve a wider range of clients and adjust to shifting market trends. Furthermore, a movable food truck may be able to cut down on the overhead expenses related to operating a physical location. In addition, a food truck allows us to explore different locations and potentially reach new customers who may not have easy access to a brick-and-mortar establishment. This flexibility can also help us adapt our menu and offerings based on the preferences of different neighbourhoods or events. Overall, the decision between a mobile food truck and a permanent facility is a crucial one that will impact the future success and growth of our business.