Noluthando Chisane

Uthando Glow Skin Care

What does your company do?

Uthando Glow is a KZN-based, three-year-old skincare company that develops and sells its own line of skin care products. It recently launched a branch in Johannesburg due to demand. We believe that having a skincare routine is one of the most important daily regimens a person can have. Therefore, we offer an extensive line of organic products to help our customers keep their skin healthy and beautiful. The company is focusing on regaining the confidence of a black woman with severe skin problems, through its tested and approved skin care products. Throughout our time as a renowned and award-winning business, we have tried to provide tailor-made skin care advice and products at affordable prices. Uthando Glow is passionate about addressing this problem because individuals fall for dangerous, unapproved, and not-standard products that damage their skin further. The founder of Uthando Glow, affectionately known as Thando Chisane, was confident that, when she starts this business, it will be easy for her to attract loyal customers. She did not only establish skin care products for profit gain but also to help people with skin problems.

What is your biggest success?

Uthando Glow has positioned itself as the most preferred and trusted skin care company. Uthando Glow offers its customers expert consultation prior to shopping for the products. One inspiring success story of Uthando Glow is that it was established during lockdown, when most businesses were closing down. The fact that it was established to help black women regain their confidence and encourage self-love makes it the most relevant and loved skin care product company. It has attracted many female and male customers for its ability to create products that are tailor-made for the specific skins of individuals. Uthando Glow has attracted many invitations to business fairs and different SMMEs incubation programmes. It has won several competitions and awards where it has received notable recognition, such as the Sebenza Women Awards and the Hollywood Foundation’s Bambelela Business Awards. The opening of the Johannesburg branch is a prime example of how growth with clear vision, passion, and resilience can lead to remarkable achievements in the highly competitive beauty industry. Its success is witnessed by the out-of-stock culture every single week.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Market changes have been one of the hurdles where wholesale costs go up and down, and oil and gasoline prices affect our costs as a vendor. The demand for a bigger space has been a challenge, which affects rent with its annual cost. Economic Conditions: The overall South African economic environment is a challenge on its own with factors such as inflation, interest rate hikes, and consumer spending affecting business operations. Access to Finance: Securing funding remains a major barrier, as traditional banking institutions are reluctant to lend to us without a strong credit history or collateral. All the above challenges are catered to through funds reserved for rainy days and through innovative strategies to keep old customers and attract new customers. Innovative ways include special offers aligned with holidays, awareness campaigns, and commemorations on the South African calendar.