Nomalungelo Matsele

Barbiiey Bear

What does your company do?

We are have different departments in our company. (1) Skills developments program - We provide beauty training to unemployed youth which enables them to to be self employed and create businesses of their own. (2) Production - We provide graphic designing services,photography and manage deejays and background artists. (3) Farming - We are a small bigger farm that produces vegetables and poultry. (4) Community outreach - We have a matric dance initiative were we assist unprivileged matriculants to prepare for the big dance and run a feeding scheme.

What is your biggest success?

- [ ] Over the last year we have produced successful beauticians who are now business owners,we also expanded into 2 new geographic areas and receiving recognition for the excellence we do in the community,I've received a couple of nominations even though we haven't brought any award back but the fact that the public acknowledges and appropriate what we do is what we can describe as success!

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Firstly having to bring a camera/take pictures when we do community work and providing free skills just so we can get donors is straining mentally really.Also not having enough funds to maintain a healthy and positive cash flow is one of our biggest hurdle really,having to scratch our heads every month end to make sure that our fixed bills and volunteers get at least stipends to motivatee is draining.The facilities,equipment and resources we have are also limited we are not able to run the business the way we wish to.