Nomawele Njongo

KwaziThina Publishers - Africa Teen Authors Book Initiative

What does your company do?

KwaziThina Publishers is a socially responsible business that combines publishing with innovative initiatives, dedicated to empowering African voices and promoting literacy. With a strong commitment to community engagement and family values, the publisher is shaping the future of literature and education in Africa. The publisher is dedicated to: • Empowering African teen authors through the Africa Teen Authors Book Initiative • Nurturing young writers through the Esigela SA Learners Book Initiative • Promoting literacy and a reading culture through World Read Aloud Day celebrations • Publishing diverse books that amplify African voices and perspectives • Fostering a culture of reading and writing through innovative initiatives and partnerships Our tagline : Let Africa Tell Her Stories

What is your biggest success?

Greatest Achievements As the founder of KwaziThina Publishers, my greatest achievement is: Empowering my two sons to become published teen authors, inspiring a writing project that empowers teens across Africa, promoting literacy, social cohesion, and impacting many young lives. Awards and Recognition I am humbled to have received: Visionary Leadership Award (2023) from Global Literacy Advocates, USA Best Community Literary Author Award (2024) from Mulher Forte African Literature Awards, Botswana Play Your Part Ambassador (2024) from Brand South Africa, recognizing my contributions as an active citizen and national flag bearer International Invitations KwaziThina Publishers has been invited to: Turin International Book Fair, Italy International Symposium, Morocco Global Sustainable Development Goals Advocates, various international platforms Additional Achievements Over 21 Professors worldwide volunteering their skills in my teen writing project Universities showing interest in my project Extensive media coverage in the country and continent Working from the Village I am proud to be working from my rural village, demonstrating that impact and success can be achieved from anywhere, and inspiring others to pursue their passions regardless of their location. These achievements are a testament to KwaziThina Publishers' impact and commitment to empowering communities through literature and education, and I am grateful for the recognition and opportunities that have come my way.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle has been limited resources. Starting KwaziThina Publishers from scratch with only a vision, passion, and purpose has been a significant challenge. As a founder from a rural community, I have had to overcome numerous obstacles, including: Financial constraints Limited access to networks and connections Insufficient infrastructure Limited human resources Despite these challenges, I have remained committed to my vision and have worked tirelessly to overcome them, seeking creative solutions and partnerships to drive progress. However, the scarcity of resources has tested my resilience, determination, and leadership, pushing me to think innovatively and seek collaborations to achieve our goals. Through perseverance and hard work, we have made significant strides, and I am proud of the impact we have made so far.