Nombulelo Mmako

Rwn Mmako Trading and projects

What does your company do?

We have a transport business where we have 3 bakiies contracted to Dsv pharmaceutical so we are called owner drivers we do daily deliveries to hospitals, chemist's,gp's local and long distances,then we opened a guesthouse on the 31 dec 2022 we had our first client and since then it has grown so much ,we have hosted birthday parties seminars and have had church guests tht r attending conferences in the area come stay with us so word of mouth facebook has worked in terms of marketing our place and its growing nicely

What is your biggest success?

Self financing the 11 rooms of the guesthouse and buying the house convery it and today it's almost how I visioned in my head

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Covid happened and from 7 bakkies st Dsv had to sell 4 and let go of drivers and assistance ,families and man lost jobs which hurt the most to me cause these people have been with me since