Nomfundo Nombela

Glorifying Christ foundation

What does your company do?

We work with disabled people elderly people and kids to youth.we have them with skills programs and also help to fight poverty and to get them focused and to keep believing even in these trying times

What is your biggest success?

We once were able to build a 3 bedroom house for a late man who was a pastor in a near by church he had a wife but no house being kicked out of his old house because he remarried after his 1st wife’s passing.We we’re able to get a construction company to help build us a house for him and few days after receiving his beautiful new home he passed on and this has been our biggest achievement

What has been your biggest hurdle?

I have recently had to take in a 45 year old who is disabled and kicked out of her home by a sister she is unable to walk properly so getting to the toilet is really hard for as we have an outside toilet and we stay in a 1 Room house with my kids and their nanny so we had no where to take her in but adjusting has not been easy since the room is not big enough for all of us