Nomfundo P Magwaza


What does your company do?

Njinji Classic Bakery Pty Ltd a taste of home, baked with love. Situated in the center of KwaMashu, this bakery modernises the way traditional South African baking is done. It uses time-honoured recipes passed down through generations, infused with a touch of modern flair, to create baked goods that warm the soul. It guarantees the following: - Genuine Flavours: Our delectable malva pudding and buttery rusks encapsulate the essence of South African comfort cuisine in each bite.; - Quality Ingredients: we believe in using fresh, local ingredients whenever possible, supporting our community and ensuring the finest taste; and - Baked with Care: Every delicacy is meticulously crafted by hand, embodying the Ubuntu principle of unity in each freshly baked quantity. Njinji Classic Bakery transcends its bakery status by serving as a communal space, a veritable embodiment of KwaMashu's dynamic essence, and a mélange of local flavours. Come savour the classics, discover new favourites, and share the joy of freshly baked goodness with us.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success in my company so far have manage to purchase a Kenwood Mix machine ,I have manage to have a company banner and enter a competition for Bambelela Hollywood Business Awards ...which help me to have a better understanding on Makerting and opportunities to meet with other entrepreneurs.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

one of the most significant challenges I have faced.shortage of bakery equipment,lack of variety ,still strangle with with branding and marketing.but most the equipment because even the oven I am using its very old don't have a fan...most cases my baked good get banned...and lot of wastage I get ...and my profit will decrease.And I don't have enough space to operate I am using a home kitchen .