Nomsa Masoka

Mothers Of Children With Autism

What does your company do?

MOCWA (Mothers Of Children With Autism) is a registered organisation which provides support to families of autistic children through information sharing, networking and support. The vision and mission of MOCWA is to empower families of autistic children so that they are better equipped to deal with their children's condition within their respective home environment. This is achieved through providing 1. Training workshops to caregivers 2. High tea events whereby professionals are invited to give input on some of the autism related subjects e.g. medication , behaviour management etc. 3. Family Fun Day inviting families of autistic children to come together and feel like a part of a community 4. Autism Awareness Days and or walks to raise autism awareness in the communities 5. Mother's Events e.g. Hiking or Sip and painting activity to help mothers to elevate the stress related to being an autism mother

What is your biggest success?

I have been able to publish my book called Unbreakable which talks about my journey raising an autistic son who is now 20 years old. I have also been able to secure a plot of almost 2 hectares with 5 houses and this will be to create a skills centre and residential facility for adult autistic individuals as my son will be out of school next year. There aren't many affordable facilities for autistic individuals when they leave school from ages of 18 and above. This facility will create more job opportunities for autistic individuals. I have already started with chicken farming and have chicken layers. My dream is to see my facility open next year January 2025.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

It has been difficult for me to juggle being a mother, wife , run my practice, MOCWA organisation as well as work on my project of opening my facility. My greatest hurdle is the lack of human resource, business skills and ability to manage the project, fund raise as well as be able to achieve my objectives as most of this requires time and money. So I desperately require assistance with being able to achieve all the objectives I have set for myself.