Nomsa Maureen Gaca

Holdfat Village Projects


What does your company do?

We uplift women in our community who are disadvantaged by sourcing work for them. We also make reusable incontinent pads for senior citizens so that we help keep our environment safe.

What is your biggest success?

We got a contract from city of Capetown for one( 1) year. We were contracted to clean flower beds as well as cutting grass around the manucipality office once per month. Although being ladies we successful managed. We also source work for people who doesn't have means of looking for work for themselves. We live close to an area where there's great demand for domestic workers. So we have placed and still placing .

What has been your biggest hurdle?

It's been a lack of sowing machines so we can produce more environmentally friendly gusher pads and advertise them to disadvantaged communities who. Many African elderly ladies would love to use incontinent pads but they are pricy. We need office computers and photocoping machines.