Nomsa Ncube

Kusini Alex

What does your company do?

we are a water purification company that sells bottled water in different sizes mainly 500mls,1,litre,5,litres and 25 litres, we also offer refill services where you come with you empty container and we fill it with clean drinkable water, with the current water crisis we are facing it is very important to educate people on clean healthy water practices which we do at our shop. One of our biggest sellers is the private branding on out water bottles for people who host events,funerals,wedding or just for their shops, people like their events to stand out. We also supply purified ice which we make in our shop aswell, and all our products are very affordable to accomodate people within the community and business from outside the community, we have also made it easier for our customers by offering delivery services which puts them at ease. The more sales we make the more it allows us to sponsor a ECD in our community with water on a monthly basis. We also have a recycling program that allows the youth to make extra income by collecting empty plastic bottles and bringing them to us for recycling

What is your biggest success?

our biggest success is being the solution to a problem that affects each and every person in a time where we have a serious water crisis and affording people the chance to be able to receive clean drinkable water and also being able to support a ECD, we have also been able to employ youth and our plans are to employ more youth within the township and also with our recycling program the youth are able to make themselves some extra income

What has been your biggest hurdle?

our biggest hurdle has definitely been lack of finances for expansion purposes as we have more elements in the business that we want to introduce but due to lack of finances we are not able to do so