Nomzamo Gogwane

Sass Beauty Mobile Hub

What does your company do?

Sass Beauty Mobile Hub is a mobile hairdressing company. We bring the salon experience directly to clients, specialising in braids of all styles and complexities! Our passionate team of mobile hairdressers is dedicated to providing convenient, high-quality braiding services in the comfort of your own home or preferred location. Whether you're seeking classic cornrows, intricate box braids, or trendy twists, our experienced stylists can create a look that's uniquely you, while saving you valuable time and effort.

What is your biggest success?

We have been most successful in building a devoted clientele through outstanding service delivery and convenience. The turning point in our history was when the famous 'Funny Chef' agreed to be our brand representative. Thanks to this partnership, we have significantly increased our presence in terms of visibility and reputation among other things. Furthermore, testimonials from happy customers greatly contributed to our development. Our customers appreciate our customized service delivery and adaptability to their needs which has resulted in slow-but-steady increase in our customer base.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The greatest challenge we have experienced so far has been how to handle the logistics behind a mobile hairdressing business. Planning and organizing appointments, time taken to travel to appointments, and supply availability have been some other challenges we have faced. Another challenge was to gain credibility in what people in most cases think is an unprofessional concept of a mobile salon. However, due to strategic marketing, constantly delivering services of quality, and good relationships with customers, we have been able to find our way around this. The continuous occurrence of such challenges has offered us opportunities to learn and improve; therefore, this has strengthened our stand and positioned us as leaders in the mobile hairdressing industry.