Nondumiso Soko

The Black Onyx

What does your company do?

The Black Onyx is an influencer talent and brand management agency that represents, nurtures and develops local talent. We create authentic and meaningful connections between talent and brands through carefully designed and tailor made strategies. We’re a brand new + new age, dynamic talent and influencer marketing company with a diverse mix of influencers and media personalities who enjoy a favourable following and engaged audience across some of the key social media categories (broadcast, fitness, acting, music, food). We have a roster of influencers and content creators who are ready to collaborate with brands in various sectors to generate awareness, conversions and authentically drive brand love. We also offer personal branding and PR solutions for our talent.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success has been been believing and pushing myself to start this company and rising above the doubt and confidence issues. I acted despite the fear! In February 2024, I left my corporate job to fully service and build my company. My biggest success when operating has been the blessing of working and representing big iconic talent/media personalities who trusted me without knowing me to manage and represent their brands - in less than 12 months. I'm also happy to have had corporate brands such us Jaecoo and Le Creuset partnering with us.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

With the over saturation in the marketing and influencer space, it has been quite difficult getting the ideal brand clients or influencer gigs because we're new and still introducing the business in the market. The brand managers and agencies already have their ideal personalities or 'favourites' that they keep working with and spend their budgets on, so brand penetration has been a bit difficult to get my talent some influencer work. Another main hurdle is money to 1)effectively boost my social media marketing through sponsored ads. 2) Money to design a professional website/micropage that will supplement my Instagram business page😔 3) Money to attend the relevant industry networking and business events - I have no income at all at the moment so every ticket is expensive😭 I am currently reintroducing myself in the market through LinkedIn and fostering relevant networks and relationships across agencies and marketing managers to put myself out there and gain rapport for my business.