Nonhlanhla Mthethws

Kushinda Group

What does your company do?

The Kushinda Group is a prominent entity in the culinary and catering industry based in Johannesburg. It consists of two main divisions: Kushinda Caterers and Kushinda Academy. Kushinda Caterers specialises in providing high-quality catering services for corporate events and film productions. It is renowned for delivering customised culinary experiences with exceptional service that meet the unique needs of its clients. Kushinda Academy is an accredited culinary institute located in Gauteng, Johannesburg. It is dedicated to training the next generation of chefs, offering a comprehensive curriculum in a stimulating learning environment. The academy is led by experienced chefs and industry experts, emphasising both technical skills and creative appreciation for the culinary arts. Both divisions of the Kushinda Group exemplify a strong commitment to excellence, innovation, and quality, contributing significantly to the culinary field through superior service and education.

What is your biggest success?

My greatest success has been building a flourishing catering business from the ground up, which has now enabled the establishment of a culinary institution. Starting with just a vision, I founded Kushinda Caterers, a company that has become a trusted name in catering for corporate events and film productions. This success wasn't without its challenges, but through resilience and innovation, we achieved exceptional service and quality that distinguished us in the industry. The accomplishments of Kushinda Caterers have paved the way for the creation of Kushinda Academy, an accredited culinary institute in Gauteng, Johannesburg. This academy is dedicated to training future chefs, offering a comprehensive and inspiring education. Being able to fund and establish this institution is a testament to the hard work and pioneering spirit that drove Kushinda Caterers' success, marking a significant milestone in my professional journey.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The biggest hurdle I've faced has been establishing and sustaining a business as a black female entrepreneur. While launching Kushinda Caterers was challenging, maintaining its relevance and profitability has been even more demanding. Throughout this journey, I've had limited access to funding, which made it difficult to grow and invest in the business. Despite these obstacles, I persevered, ensuring high-quality service and innovation to keep the business thriving. Transitioning from just offering catering services to venturing into education with the creation of Kushinda Academy has also been a significant challenge. Shifting focus and resources to build an accredited culinary institute required not only a different set of skills and substantial effort but also overcoming financial and operational obstacles. Nonetheless, my dedication to nurturing future chefs and providing them with comprehensive education has driven me to overcome these substantial hurdles, marking a crucial milestone in my professional journey.