Spirit Essentials

What does your company do?

The nature of our business is embodied in the name itself – the prerequisites for one’s spirituality. Spirit Essentials is an African traditional boutique store that specialises in impepho, candles, and other tools used for holistic wellness, connecting with our ancestors, God and/or spirit guides. Although we have created a platform where young professionals can access impepho and these tools, Spirit Essentials attracts a diverse range of people who enjoy holistic wellness & developing their spirituality in a respectable manner.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest accomplishment is serving this community and the love we cultivate in this space through healing. Our business has also been nominated for the YOBA awards, we are currently in the TOP4 in the Wellness category for the 2024 awards.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Financial literacy- this has been on of the most challenging part of the business because we have had to learn as we go. This includes things such as calculating revenue vs profit, selling prices, cost prices. It has been a bumpy ride.