Nonjabulo Sokhela


What does your company do?

Nepoworx has a key focus in the green economy and blue economy. We support entrepreneurs and individuals, to assist them to create and build sustainable businesses. Our contribution is towards job creation, addressing societal challenges, and community development. We prioritize supporting businesses that primarily benefit women and youth, as well as individuals in townships and rural areas, ensuring inclusive economic growth and empowerment. The company’s objectives are aligned with various Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”). The company’s mission is to assist communities to form part of the Just Energy Transition roadmap currently unfolding in South Africa. Nepoworx is also one of the 98 Global projects that was selected by the United Nations Youth Sustainable Energy Hub We are also aligned with the following five sustainable development goals (SDGs) ▪ SDG 1- No poverty, ▪ SDG 4- Quality education, ▪ SDG 5- Gender Equality, ▪ SDG7- Affordable and clean energy, • SDG 8- Decent work and economic growth.

What is your biggest success?

We are proud to announce that Nepoworx has been selected as one of 98 global projects recognized by the United Nations Youth Sustainable Energy Hub (SDG7 Youth Constituency), highlighting our commitment to sustainable energy and youth empowerment. Nepoworx has embarked on an inspiring journey by partnering with the University of Pretoria's Future Africa initiative and Hellermanntyton to launch a groundbreaking nationwide Just Energy Transition (JET) PV Skills training programme. This initiative has been further strengthened by our collaboration with the National Business Institute (NBI), ensuring that SMMEs in townships are equipped to build sustainable businesses. The programme spans both the Gauteng and Western Cape Provinces, making a significant impact across these regions. Our strategic partnership with the government institute MerSeta is geared towards upskilling 900 students for the Just Energy Transition, preparing them for a future in renewable energy. Through these powerful alliances and recognitions, Nepoworx is driving forward the renewable energy skills agenda and fostering economic resilience within local communities.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle has been overcoming the challenges of being viewed as young, female leader in a male-dominated industry. Additionally, gaining access to markets is crucial for Nepoworx to actively participate in major supply chains, enabling us to grow from a small business to a medium-large enterprise. Aggressive marketing is also essential for building our brand and customer base, positioning us strongly in the market and driving revenue growth.