Nontokozo Khumalo

Sivusa Ithemba Lembokodo

What does your company do?

SITHELO its main objective is to fight Social ills , inequality poverty and Gender Based Violence through social education. We do this by capacitate women of all ages.We do this through a campaign called I AM MY SISTER'S KEEPER whereby we teach,motivate and coach women from the province to form community based organisations ,NPO's or women's circle. We also assists women who has disabilities to get education to fight discrimination anf inequality we encourage them to participate in women's activities within their communities by giving them hope and confidence.We also run a Teenagers Club called DESIDERATA where we help teenagers to make profound decisions about their lives. We do this to curb the sugar daddy syndrome ,teenage pregnancy and teenage suicide.We have a youth club that assist youth with skills development in order to fight unemployment which indirectly helps to fight the alcohol, drugs and substance abuse therefore decline in crime.

What is your biggest success?

Is to see 25 young women that were groomed by the NPO graduating in different colleges and getting employment.Was to be voted by South Africans as the women of the year 2020 in women empowerment category and recieved SOUTH AFRICAN HEREOS AWARD 2020.I was also chosen by I am 4 CHANGE and SHOPRITE as the best NPO founder 2023.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Is to get the bigger working space as a community center to accommodate many beneficiaries on daily basis.Having a bigger working space will assist us to host a women and clinic days and thuthuzela center to help abused women and children.