Nontsikelelo Magwaza

Mrs. Hairfidence

What does your company do?

Mrs. Hairfidence is a black owned manufacturing company that produces luxurious chemical free African natural hair products. The company also have a chain of salons that specializes in natural hair only. The products produced are supplied into these chains of salons. Our products fight the aftereffects of chemical relaxers. Our products and services include growth oils, moisturizing butters, moisturizing shampoos, afro wigs, natural hair essential accessories, afro treatments, hair analysis, braiding and styling. We aim at building confidence in African natural hair so that we can witness our hair being worn in boardrooms, events, that first date, girls' night out, high school reunion, work functions and literally everywhere. Whether you want to dress up or down, let your hair shine.

What is your biggest success?

Over the past 6 years of our establishment, the company has reached some major milestones. Our very first achievement was being recognized by the Department of Education. We were featured on a Business Studies national question paper where leaners had to analyze and comprehend our business operations answer questions as required. In 2021, we were honored with Sebenza Women Awards for the Newcomer of the Year. In 2022, we saw our demand for hair products increase drastically after the pandemic, we had to find more efficient ways of distributing our product, we were accepted on Takealot and Makro online seller port. Our products got more exposure in the markerts. In 2023, not only were we awarded with Best Female Owned Business in the 25th annual Durban Business Fair Awards but we were also recognized continentally in the SHE Business Awards in Kenya.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Just like most black female owned businesses, we struggle mostly with employees. Finding employees that are self-motivated and have the tenacity to produce expected results is still a challenge. We try by all means to care about their career and general wellbeing and investing in more training and education. A big portion of our profit goes into employee performance recognitions and appraisals, pushing back investment towards the business goals. Establishing trust between our client is also a bit of a challenge. The business idea came with new concepts of hair and beauty, concept that connotations attached to it. Maintaining consistency has been our answer. We have then had external factors such as crime and load shedding negatively impacting our business.