Nosiphiwo Ncoyp

Vision4 Women

What does your company do?

Vision4 Girls is a mentorship programme designed to support high school girls in achieving their personal and academic goals. The programme matches each mentee with a female mentor who can provide guidance, encouragement and support throughout the school year.

What is your biggest success?

My greatest achievement so far has been the successful establishment and growth of the high school girl mentorship program. Since its inception , the program has impacted the lives of over 200 young women , providing them with the necessary guidance, resources and support to excel academically and personally. We have seen a 90% improvement in participants' academic performance and a significant increase in college admissions among our mentees. Furthermore, the program has fostered a strong sense community and empowerment, with many of our alumni returning as mentors , thereby creating a sustainable cycle of support and inspiration for future generations

What has been your biggest hurdle?

One of the biggest hurdles we've faced in developing our high school girl mentorship program has been securing sustainable funding and resources . As a non-profit initiative , attracting consistent financial support is crucial to providing high-quality mentorship experiences. Additionally , finding and retaining committed mentors who can dedicate time and energy to the program has been challenging. We've had to be creative and persistent in our outreach effort, ensuring we alight with potential donor and volunteers who share our vision of empowering young women