Nosisa Dhlomo

Afrizulu Tech

What does your company do?

Afrizulu Tech is a South African, 100% African female-owned tech company that specializes in social innovation and impact initiatives. Recognized for its leadership in female entrepreneurship and STEM, Afrizulu Tech partners with organizations to train underprivileged youth in Robotics, AI, and other 4IR skills. They have equipped numerous unemployed youths with tech tools and skills across South Africa, aiming to empower and uplift communities through technology and education.

What is your biggest success?

Afrizulu Tech's biggest success has been its transformative partnership with Siyanda Resources to train 1,000 students in Robotics and AI. So far, they have successfully certified and trained 652 students from underprivileged communities, ages 14 to 18, significantly impacting their future opportunities and contributing to the development of vital skills in these areas.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Navigating logistical challenges in distributing resources and managing programs across diverse and often remote areas in South Africa has posed significant obstacles.