Nothando Masemula

Sisonke After School

What does your company do?

Sisonke After School is a child care after school program in my community; for kids who attend ECD and school( primary and High school). It focusses on a childs development well being, the whole horoscope. Sisonke After School creates activities such as reading, writing and boardgames to keep the young minds entertained and active also focusing on academic homework and life skills e.g financial responsibility, respect and manners act.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success as Sisonke After School Management and Director is in 2017, when I got donations from a certain company. They donated 10 chairs, 2 tables and a Nova laptop. I had no clue on how to find sponsors and funding but I had a burning passion to assist the youth of our community. The same will to do good, gave me inspiration to fight and build a valid foundation with department of education. Today, 2024; I have experience and influence in building a child to become part of the development by running a reading program in a primary school to assist both teachers and learners. This program is run by myself and community of volunteers. I learned that I am a leader and a entrepreneur . If that is not a super hero, I might beg to differ. Well I call myself a "fairy Godmother of underprivileged youths".

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest obstacle is not recieving the right support from both my community and my garvonment. Money still makes the world spin But to my company it ment improving and being able to get the appropriate place and equipment for the objectives to be executed. I have never recieved the correct financial support from the government as a youth and woman in business, I had to learn to be thankful of the survival of my business each day. I knew I was feeding many house - holds and had to preserve as a leader and a entrepreneur.