Noxolo Fani

Phenomenal Light

What does your company do?

We specialise in the aesthetic and structural repair, maintenance and finishing of new and old concrete structures and buildings.

What is your biggest success?

I never studied construction and so started working with a small company where I could be mentored and learn on the ground all I could possibly learn. After 4 years I took a giant leap and brave step and began running solo. I secured my first big project with WBHO because I had built strong work relationships with their directors over the years. We were afforded the opportunity to do all the Milpark hospital concrete repairs and finishes since the final look was mainly a concrete finish. My first project running solo was a complete success because of hard work, never giving up, taking risks and a wonderful dedicated team on the ground doing the actual hard labor an amazing team effort which I continue to encourage on all our projects. We even received a referral letter which spoke of our professionalism and amazing work!

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Being a young black female in a male dominated industry has been quite a hurdle as the construction building industry is also a mainly male and white dominated industry at the top management. As much as these dynamics seemed huge at the beginning, my charisma, dedication, consistency, tenacity and ability to work well with people regardless the initial distrust worked wonders! In actual fact my major first mentors in the industry were white males.

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