Nthabiseng Ipeleng

N&O Events and projects , Nthabi’s supply and project management

What does your company do?

Our business is multifaceted. Primarily, we specialize in hosting diverse events geared towards entertainment, ranging from concerts and festivals to parties and cultural gatherings. Additionally, we provide comprehensive event supply services to various organisations.this includes offering logistical support, and providing other essential materials required for successful events. In essence, we aim to create memorable experiences through our event hosting while also supporting the logistical needs of organisations through our supply services.

What is your biggest success?

My greatest achievement has been successfully hosting the first Sip and Paint event in Rustenburg. This event has enabled many people to discover their hidden talents and provided a unique platform for creativity and relaxation. As a Business Studies educator, I understand the importance of addressing inequality and embracing social responsibility. With the profits from these events, I organize Christmas parties for my learners, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to celebrate, regardless of their circumstances. Additionally, I make it a point to buy sweets for my students on their birthdays, bringing joy to their special day. This combination of fostering creativity within the community and supporting my learners through thoughtful gestures has been my most fulfilling and impactful achievement.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle has been consistently finding and securing a suitable venue for each event, which requires payment and careful consideration to ensure it meets our needs. Additionally, arranging the decor for every event presents a challenge, as it involves coordinating various elements to create the perfect atmosphere while staying within budget.