Nthabiseng Kwena Kgoadi

Sekokotla Marketing and Events

What does your company do?

I host business seminars , I have got annual women empowerment seminars every august and every 3 months I just host business seminars for everyone where we empower , help women to start businesses and do compliance’s . We do marketing services aswell , Digital marketing , branding , marketing free lancer and public relations , in all that we make sure our clients brands are known and well marketed . With every seminar we host , every woman brings sanitary pads then we donate to schools around Gauteng , Limpopo , Mpumalanga and north west

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success is mentoring 3 ladies who are now currently having their own brands and products under their names . I have made sure that they reach their fullest potential , one owns hair products called “Maglow “ , the other one owns her own butter , called “Fred butter “ and the other one does digital portraits , so I can for someone who is more into empowering women , it was the mission accomplished for me . For someone who’s been in business for quite longer , it makes sense that we are now having bigger clients to market and make sure we do our PR .. I have been nominated as the inspirational woman of the year 2024 in Limpopo and made it to the finalists and I came back with the award

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle has honestly been the funds and also failing to meet the client’s expectations as a woman , with entrepreneurship as a woman is like you are not allowed to fail or make mistakes so failing to meet what the clients expects . Planning an event and end up giving out tickets for free because the same clients aren’t having enough money for the tickets so now there’s no profits , and since the venue is booked , the event must go on . Sponsorships are hard to find