Ntokozo Noxolo Phumelele Ngwenya



What does your company do?

Our company specializes in providing high-quality shapewear and waist trainers at affordable prices. Beyond just offering these products, we are committed to fostering a sustainable business model that contributes positively to our local community and economy. One of our primary goals is to get to a point where we locally manufacturing here in South Africa. By producing our shapewear and waist trainers locally, we will not only ensure high standards of quality but also create job opportunities and stimulate economic growth within our region. We believe in the importance of accessibility, which is why affordability is a cornerstone of our business. We want our products to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget, so that individuals can feel confident and empowered in their own skin. In essence, our company's mission goes beyond just selling shapewear – it's about promoting body positivity, supporting local industry, and making a meaningful impact in our community.

What is your biggest success?

One of our most significant successes was witnessing the transformation of a client who initially felt uncomfortable with her body. Through consistent use of our waist trainers and shapewear, she experienced a remarkable shift in confidence and self-assurance. Witnessing her journey from insecurity to happiness and newfound confidence affirmed the effectiveness of our products in positively impacting people's lives. This success story epitomizes the core essence of our brand – empowering individuals to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. It serves as a powerful reminder of the meaningful impact we can make by helping individuals embrace their bodies and enhance their self-esteem.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle has been overcoming the misconception that our brand is solely profit-driven. While profitability is essential for sustainability, our primary focus has always been on serving our customers and positively impacting their lives. Communicating this message effectively has been challenging, as many people tend to associate businesses with profit motives only. However, we have worked tirelessly to emphasize our commitment to creating a brand that prioritizes people over profits. Through transparent communication, community engagement, and showcasing real-life success stories, we strive to demonstrate our genuine dedication to customer satisfaction and well-being. Overcoming this hurdle has required ongoing efforts to build trust and credibility, but it's a challenge we're determined to conquer in order to truly align our brand with its core values