Ntombizodwa Msane

African International Humanitarian Law Initiative (AIHLI Legacy)

What does your company do?

AIHLI Legacy is an e-learning initiative that conducts research programs, community inclusive human rights educational awareness, publications, and offers leadership and mentorship programs to legal scholars, academics, activists, civil organizations from diverse African countries. The objective is to effectively address dynamics faced by Africans and the Globally community by dissecting international human rights and international humanitarian law subjects broadly with the aim of contributing towards the impactful transformation needed of these legal instruments. The goals are to identify, analyse, review, and test prospective remedies available or needed to IHL and IHRL related challenges affecting the realisation of peace and security in Africa and the Global community. Moreover, AIHLI Legacy primary addresses children's rights and undocumented families, gender equality, environmental rights and leadership program development.

What is your biggest success?

Building and formalising relationships with stakeholders that affords our mentors and mentees the opportunity to advance their educational skills on different principles such as language and leadership program participation. Our relationship with a governmental department has enabled our mentors to learn French as a primary language for global engagements on pertinent human rights violations which encourages the advocacy and awareness campaigning on subjects of importance that realises justice in the face of human rights violations.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Securing business deals without having any digital footprint or work ethic reputation within the business sector made it difficult to build relationships or collaborations. We had to build our brand without any expectation of capital for rendered services especially for community leaders that are not able to pay for the it just so that our services can be recognised and understood before we could build relationships that enables us to charge for our services including building a brand with a new business strategy in mind that enabled us to showcase our brand and services. It remains a developing effort and we refuse to give up on forging ahead.