Ntombozuko Jafta

Transforming Women & Youth In Social Trends

What does your company do?

We are an NPO that seek to advocate women in leadership. Creating awareness, share opportunities, facilitate stigma programs and social support which enables community members to have a sense of belonging. We also enhance their abilities using holistic approach. And we link vulnerable women and children to available resources.

What is your biggest success?

Having been funded by VW Community Trust and a partnership that employs women and youth in our database. Some of them they end up being permanently employed from being drug users and GBV victims regains their power back and stand for themselves through our capacity building workshop and selfcare programs. UN Women Ambassador Herald Citizen of the Year 2022 Brand SA Fabulous Woman 2023 Activate Active Citizen of the year 2022 Winning national awards on GBV. Been appointed at Siya Kolisi Foundation for GBV programs. We have launched our child care centre which operates 24/7 where we accept displaced or abandoned children in our place of safety in partnership with different stakeholders private and government. We have employed eight women through our funders. And placed our young people through different program from Briks to Barack Obama Foundation YALI programs in 13 countries.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

To find a big centre for our victims because the number is growing due to our proven attack record of the programs we are doing for vulnerable youth and women. In our province Eastern Cape we only have 2 government rehabilitation centres which makes up difficult to place our clients. So we end up approaching other provinces for placement which makes it difficult for family and friends to visit them or give them support. We strive to better our communities through minimum resources but passion drives us. High unemployment rate also a struggle after they have been rehabilitated but some of them we register them back to school so keep them going. And it's working for us because after school they come back to our centre to do skills development program and aftercare so that they don't relapsed. Other get employment in different stakeholders that we work with and some end up getting permanent jobs and provide for their families.