Ntsako Khosa

Third-eye Digital Content Agency

What does your company do?

Third-eye Digital Content Agency is a company that refines the development of budding careers and businesses. I partner with businesses in the township to create and build a digital presence that creates brand visibility, generates leads and increases sales. Each business we partner with is unique and I analyse its vision and then create a custom marketing plan that will yield the results they are struggling to achieve. On the professional development side, I run masterclasses and hold one-on-one CV writing sessions for matriculants, tertiary students, entrepreneurs and young professionals looking for a new opportunity. I offer a full scope of services from drafting and designing CVs, portfolios, and professional profiles, giving them inside information on how human resources looks at applications, and pointing them in the right direction for job opportunities or bursaries in their field of interest. Additionally, I teach them how to write for business and to sell themselves.

What is your biggest success?

Building a digital footprint for an early development centre and the work I've done so far has seen the centre implement strategies that have increased processes and the way they work. I developed a marketing strategy for their social media platforms and I have seen how my innovations have trickled into their operations, e.g., they now use Google Forms, WhatsApp polls to communicate with parents. They are learning how to adapt to technology and this has made them more efficient.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Not having the right video/photography material to record high-quality content. Another hurdle is getting clients and accessing the clientele that I want to serve. Emails and social media help, but meeting face-to-face is what really gets me the job. Another challenge I have is having access to funding. I was denied funding because I don't have approval from the franchise but I can only apply for funding once I have approval.