Ntsiki Ledwaba

I am an African Training and development

What does your company do?

We advocate , educate and promote inclusion and diversity for children living with disabilities. Our programs: 1. Read, Write and Play Inclusion club 2. Respite center 3. Food security 4. ECD support 5. Wellness and Psycho support for caregiver 6. Agri-Tech 7. Special projects

What is your biggest success?

Launching the Read write and play, signing MOU with COJ libraries (Paterson Park) and also exciting a 3 day workshop with kids from different backgrounds including ecd The feedback is what we happy with that the kids related so well, inter grated and related to each other so much so that they knew each other by name despite the abilities

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Is to access funding : our foundation has been self funded since and we have ambitions of building a state of the art hotel for children living with disabilities (Respite Center) the building has be established as we renting it but we need to own it to modify it to what we want to achieve in terms of aesthetic and value proposition such as adding a mini zoo, sensory room, spa, salon with nail bar, therapy rooms, ramps and other access modes . The design and architecture is complete we just need funding to kick start the project