What does your company do?

We specialise in creating and selling bouquets, centrepieces and other floral arrangements. delivering flower arrangements and gifts Event decor Selling complementary gift items including chocolates, greeting cards, hampers and other gifts Consultation services to help customers choose the right gifts and flower arrangements for their occasion

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success had been the ability to move from working from home and being able to have a store where people can easily access out services and products and employing more young people thus creating jobs and contributing to the economy of the country. Building a strong reputation and brand and this is seen by loyal customers coming back constantly for floral gifts and arrangements this shows that we provide an excellent service to our customers . our active participation in local events, sponsorship and partnership within the community.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

One of the biggest challenges that I experienced is that flowers are perishable and have a very short life as well as that flowers are also seasonal one had to find a way to make things work and continue generating an income in seasons where its quiet hence we also introduced gifting services as part of the products we have in the company