Olwethu Keswa

Olwethu Keswa

What does your company do?

Selling Organic Products that are Toxin,Chemical,Allergen free,I want to build a place where everyone feels safe ,Happy and being trusting about their skin ,as I realize that most people are suffering through their skin I search and found the exactly what they need, and Im not only giving them products I consult with the person one on one to know the cause of problem some they vent with their personal problem and of cause and I listen because not everyone is easily to talk about what they feel but for they find it easy, I want to build a safe space,trusting space where they see that they are in a comfortable position,and I realize that make sure that you heal the emotional in order to heal the person in their skin.I might not be the qualifying person but given a chance I will make sure that Our Queen they get what they derseve with love,care and happiness. I am able and make I'm that person who give the confidence to each of my clients before they even touch the products.I always give the advice what to do with their body to get a good results as my slogan always say heal inside in order to heal outside Thank you

What is your biggest success?

For me is to see my clients being healed and gaining their confidence and being what they are deserving,not makes me happier than when my clients are happier.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Is that at the moment Im working at home and its not easy most of my clients to get where Im at , and sometimes its not safe for to carry the equipment around some of other people they take advantage ,cause if I can get a space I know everyone is easy to reach me .