Pamela Makwela

Forefront Leadership

What does your company do?

Forefront Leadership is a Consulting agency specializing in holistic Capacity Building for NGO/NPOs. This includes- Proper selection of board members, compliance, fundraising, Marketing, Branding, report writing, Monitoring and Evaluation, donor retention. Forefront Leadership specifically focuses on rural and township-based NGOs. Forefront Leadership offers practical solutions for the long-term sustainability of non-profit leaders and organizations by offering the highest quality programs, consultation, training and community-building networks.

What is your biggest success?

Forefront Leaderships biggest success so far is capacitating and empowering under-resourced NGOs and NPOs to be compliant and be able to raise funds for them to sustainable and continue to provide the needed services in their communities. When these organizations have enough resources to service their communities, seeing the positive ripple effects in the lives of community members is so inspiring. From young people being placed into jobs, children getting quality early childhood education in townships, men and women advocating against gender-based violence, wellness programs for the elderly, people living with disabilities getting training and employment, the list is endless.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Since most of the NGOs that we work with are township and rural based, they are under-resourced and simply cannot afford our services, we had to partner with different stakeholders for them to sponsor the workshops and trainings for the NGOs to be able to access our services. Lack of office equipment- This has resulted in spending a lot of money on outsourcing things that could be done in-house.