Phindile Mnisi

PHINDILE MT 2and sons bakery

What does your company do?

It's a home bakery still working at home. We cater for all locations we are selling birthday cakes,wedding cakes and baby shower cakes including scones muffins and biscuits

What is your biggest success?

I have I achieved so much and have learned alot when giving back to community working with some of Old Age Home and Orphanage too. Putting a smile on Orphanage children and making them happy in celebrating either youth day or Christmas lunch on Christmas day. Spending time the elderly people on Mothers day, Father day and Christmas day too. Spending time with the and pampering them.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Struggling to get the stock but that I can see the most difficult one is not to have proper equipment like baking oven a industrial blender all the work I do I use an egg whiskeys. But because baking it's my passion I do it with love I enjoy everything I do.

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