Phinki Nzama

Phinki Nzama Foundation

What does your company do?

Creating Cancer awareness’s especially in rural areas , where they lack knowledge and the understanding of Cancer.

What is your biggest success?

Last year i visited Greys hospital in Pietermaritzberg to donate toys to kids who are diagnosed with cancer. The reason behind this was we tend to forget kids and not paying attention about what they are going through. We all know how cancer how cancer is, the pains that people face when they have cancer how about kids? Toys that I donated to kids was the sign of showing them that there are people who still cares about them, some parents live their kids in hospital not visiting them.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

We all living in strain economy, getting funding for the organisation is not easy. As women I need more time pay attention and balance with my work life. Dealing with Cancer patients is not easy.