Phophi Ramabulana

Vhatanuni Foundation

What does your company do?

We empower GBV victims through skills transfer, drop in centre where we assist kids with homework, care for them, safe playing till their parents comes back from work. Donate school shoes and clothes to the disadvantaged, provide sanitary towels to women who can afford them.

What is your biggest success?

I’m passionate about women empowerment, culture and heritage preservation as well as contributing in communities to better the lives of children, women, youth the disabled and the elderly. I have worked on the following Projects at the Department of Social Development National: •Development of Victim Empowerment Programme, •NISIS, National Integrated Social Information System • Child Protection Register and Alternative (Foster) Care Systems. In 2020 I was awarded as a Champion of Caselines South Africa, which is a digital evidence management system that was implemented at the high Courts of Pretoria and Johannesburg. I am an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. In August 2023 together with the department of education, we transferred ICT skills and donated 90 laptops to the unemployed youth in Lepelle Nkumpi District Limpopo Province. in 2023 I was nominated for the SheAwards Africa 2023. On the 18th of November 2023 I was awarded as a runner up for the she millionaire Africa business awards under the category “community builder of the year” on the 8-11 November 2023, we successfully hosted the first ever Limpopo literature festivals. Im an award winner as CEO/MD of the Year 2023 at the Top 100 executive Award. I have recently been nominated as one of the esteeme Emerge Africa Awards under category Humanitarian of the year.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Lack of financial support, equipment, and stock