Phumudzo Nemutaduni

Ikani Consulting trading as Nuclear Med Group

What does your company do?

Ikani Consulting is a multi Descipline company with operations in property business and medical practice based in Rustenburg North West province in South Africa . We rent out Consulting rooms to medical professionals and we are also responsible for imaging and reporting Nuclear Medicine scans.

What is your biggest success?

Nuclear Med group is the 2nd 100% black woman owned Nuclear Medicine practice in South Aftica and the only one that opened its doors in the height of Covid - 19 pandenic. We managed to keep afloat during the time when many lost their jobs and most patients canceled their medical aids. We have also managed fo secure funds to purchase through pay per use, a R23 million worth PET/CT machine which focuses more on Oncology imaging. We were also as a department grateful for the recognition and Health Excellence award which was awarded to our CEO, Dr PB Nemutaduni from Clinix group. Our growth has bern exponential and we anticipate even greater heights with arrival of the new machine this year (2024)

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest huddle, just like any business in its infancy has been navigating the challenges that came with Covid-19 pandemic and subsequently global recession. South Africa has in the past few years suffered load shedding which resulted in small businesses struggling to balance between high electricity prices and alternative energy. As demand vs supply would have it, the price for diesel for the generators sky rocketed. We have not been immune to this challenge as a department. The other challenge in terms of staff establishment is that, Nuclear Medicine radiographers are a scarce skill in South Africa resulting in high salary bill for both permanent and temporal radiographer. This in a way eats away from the projected profits.