Phumzile Khoza

Lathitha Biodiesel

What does your company do?

Lathitha Biodiesel, a female-founded green energy company, specializes in producing high-quality biodiesel from sustainable feedstocks, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting a cleaner environment. Through innovation and sustainability, we drive the transition to renewable energy, offering cost-effective and eco-friendly fuel solutions. Our aim is to contribute to economic recovery while preventing river and ocean pollution caused by waste cooking oil, which harms marine life. Join us in celebrating a greener future as we work towards a sustainable and thriving environment for all.

What is your biggest success?

Lathitha Biodiesel, in collaboration with the University of Surrey and TelioGreen Platforms, is leveraging data to convert landfill waste into biofuel. By integrating academic research and operational data via TelioGreen’s platform, they aim to boost biodiesel production, optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and divert more waste from Tembisa’s landfills. Lathitha Biodiesel was selected for the 2023 Graca Machel Trust Cohort, providing them with extensive learning opportunities and access to industry experts. Additionally, they were accepted into the Womhub Circular Economy program, which focuses on promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions in our communities.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Lathitha Biodiesel has faced significant challenges, including a lack of resources, equipment, and a dedicated plant throughout our years of operation. However, these obstacles have finally been overcome with the support of a partner who believes in our vision. This newfound support has propelled us towards our greatest success, and we are thrilled to be shaping up for the journey ahead. Throughout our journey, we have endured and learned from every hurdle that came our way. Despite the challenges, we have persevered, gaining valuable experience along the way. Now, with the support and resources we need, we are well-equipped to take our operations to new heights and achieve our goals in the biofuel industry.