Portia Ncwane

Sbani Media Productions

What does your company do?

Sbani Media Productions is a creative media ,film and creative company That focuses on creating high impact video productions that communicate effectively to your audience We focus on video production ,live event company ,Marketing ,live event management and social media content and talent management specialising in above and below the line productions is to help tell engaging stories through the use of visual media, we have a desire to change the world through creative tools The company also focuses on community work and works with Non-Profit organisations to help deliver the work and also produce quality work We are big on community engagement and youth development and we have developed over 120 youth in South Africa and Inclduing the youth in media communication and using visual media as path of storytelling We offer the following services -Photography/videography -Talent Management -Documentaries -Films -Marketing -Commercials -Performing arts We are dedicated to to amplifying African voices and stories through compelling documentaries ,films ,videography ,photography with a focus on cultural preservation and talent representation we aim to showcase the richness and diversity of African heritage while empowering local communities I work with a team of 2 full time and 3 part time staff members and part of our CSI includes pro bono services for local communities and also mentroeship workshops Our revenue for the past 2 years has been over R56 320 in total and we have have various packages suitable for the clients needs We as SBANI MEDIA PRODUCTIONS we want to showcase compelling South African stories through a lens that many can resonate with and find themselves in

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success through the media company has been our impact through the community work that we do where we offer pro bono services to thouse who cannot afford our services and we offer pro no services to 5/10 individuals and start up companies every year We have produced 3 short documentaries over the past 2 years We have produced a cultural and folklore dance and music documentary supported by the National heritage council of South Africa and my non profit organisation called the Portia Ncwane Foundation which has been active and impacting the youth for the past 8 years We have covered for programs and events such as the Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Symposium South Africa which is supported by the U.S Department of State and IREX We have produced a short documentary in Europe Italy for The Cultural Folklore Festival tour 2023 where various countries have participated As a creative director of Sbani Media Productions and Portia Ncwane Foundation I am a multi award winner for these companies for the She Africa awards 2023,She Leads Africa Awards 2024 ,Female Founders Middle East and Africa Awards 2024

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle is having enough equipment to work with to shoot and produce our films and documentaries We do not have enough funds to buy more equipment to run our business