Preeshini Anirudh

AP Resources

What does your company do?

We supply promotional and corporate gifts Vetting of employees Recruitment Software development

What is your biggest success?

We started in the midst of Covid, it was very daunting, with full support from my spouse I took the step and opened AP Resources. I had no clients, I knew what it is I wanted to market and picked up my phone and starting calling from my contact list. I experienced many maybes and No’s but I was determined to get 1 client in the first month, and it happened. I constantly researched and found new ways to be adaptable. 4 years later I am we have had 80% retention, I am grateful and it’s been a blessing to give people the opportunity to be part of my team and they can look after their families. Work hard and play hard. My team has increased. We moved into a bigger space.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Learning to say no, not over committing.