Prisca Mbele

Xeperno (PTY) LTD

What does your company do?

Xeperno offers an online platform where Teachers, Learners, and their Parents can join and become a part of an online learning community. In this platform, 1. Learners can access study material (past exam papers, video lessons and study guides), the assessment platform to track their academic progress, and self-assessments for exam preparation, 2. Parents can track their children's progress as progress reports will be available on the platform, and 3. Teachers can track the overall class progress. We aim to work closely with Parents and Teachers by collaborating with the schools to ensure alignment and transparency. Additionally, Xeperno is designed to facilitate a virtual learning community where Teachers, Learners, and Parents can communicate throughout the year until the last day of exams.

What is your biggest success?

I know the importance of education as I spent many years in academia as a Scientist. My team and I started developing our online platform to assist distant learners and correspondence learners because these learners do not have access to daily lessons. During the pandemic when learners were unable to attend school, we saw that this would be useful to all learners. We dedicated our effort to developing a functional web application, which we achieved successfully.  We collaborated with Tutors, where we produced videos of lessons that are focused on exam preparation. Our first phase subjects are Mathematics, Math Literacy, Physical Science and Life Sciences because these have the highest failure rates. Additionally, we collaborated with three Schools in KwaZulu Natal and Western Cape to conduct a Pilot Study where learners subscribed and evaluated our platform. The study was an enormous success as we received positive feedback from the learners.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle has been finding ways to get funding or sponsorships. As a result, I have used my savings to fund all the aspects of the project (website and application development, study material production, the pilot study and salaries).