Prudence Lebogang Mohlamonyane


What does your company do?

Abstract Art Jewelry made with Recycled precious and diamonds from Africa. We exist to accelerate the jewelry manufacturing industry absorbtion rate of skilled Jewellers who are beneficiaries of the South African Free Education System. We also do jewelry Repairs, resizing and all diamond related services. Our business is in full realisation of SDG2030 [8,12&17], Agenda2063.

What is your biggest success?

Getting accredited with a Jeweller's Permit from the South African Diamond and Precious Metals Regulator. Getting 2grants from the GEP and NYDA. Getting a Global Recognition Award for our social innovation (our USP - I developed the jewelry manufacturing technique named FREEFORM pruducing Abstract art jewelry) And Being in the final stage on the JAMII FEMME Programme : African Women Entrepreneurs for Sustainable Impact, sponsored by Coca Cola Foundation and WIA AND recently having our product approved on the GoodMarket. A sustainable voluntary standard Board

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Getting the suitable niche for our products. This jewelry innovation was intentionally made to benefit Africa and ROI the SA Government has been spending on Jewelry Manufacturing. We sell this product outside South Africa using different currencies as per different regional country targeted. Until we got an opportunity to work with a distribitor based in Switzerland, we tested the market and currently 25 LMJ19 pieces are in Switzerland and Germany. The current big hurdle is patenting of the jewellery manufacturing technique starting with South Africa then all targeted countries via the European Patent Board. Budget for legal protection of our social sustainable innovation is our current biggest hurdle.