Qinisile Mhlongo

Siyakhula live foundation

What does your company do?

Siyakhula live foundation Our vision is to contribute towards building a better society and building society and help finding solutions to social and economic issues facing our communication. It's mission is to assist in solving problems of at risk children and youth in the province of Mpumalanga, especially those that are living in previously disadvantaged families, by improving the quality of life of vulnerable and marginalized individuals and empowering them through interventions that increases access to sustainable income, education, healthcare and welfare

What is your biggest success?

2023 I had the privilege to feed over 200 households across our communities I also managed to give few youth work opportunities

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Not having funds to sustain the programmes has been the most biggest Hurdle. Not having enough resources to effectively do our work at schools. Also not having PPE's for the volunteers working for the home base care and the guys doing our gardens